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Hot Flash: The Chronicles of

                   Lara Tate Menopausal Superhero

Web Series Press

Pilot Episode


Ep. 2 "Training Day"


Interview on CBS Interview in Huffington Post Cover Story MN Women's Press
WRITING PROJECTS *What's growing on at the Mulberry Tree Group
*Girls Aloud!


The Woman Who Starts the Moves
The Woman With All the Style
The Woman With the Right Frequency
The Woman With All The Questions
The Woman Who Chalks The Talk
Interview: Kristin Colvin Young Production Manager for Alvin Ailey Dance Company
Interview Marylou Luther: Record-setting fashion editor, Los Angeles times
Interview Heidi Oringer: Producer ABC News Radio
Interview Debbie Halpern-Griffin
Veteran Jeopardy Question ("Answers") writer
Interview Sophie Sandberg Creator of Instagram Account @CatCallsofNYC Gender Studies Student / Activist / Artist.
Sketch This with Amy and Danny Coming Soon